File Transfer

Click Here for Secure File Exchange

Reynolds, Bone & Griesbeck frequently receives information that is sensitive in nature.  We request this information be sent via a secure file transfer website.  Follow the instructions below to transfer sensitive information knowing your information is secure.   

  1. Click on Secure File Exchange on this page. This will take you to RBG's file transfer site.
  2. Click on Secure Upload to send a file to us.
  3. Enter the RBG employee’s email address in the Recipient Email field and click Start.
  4. At the Secure Upload screen enter your contact information (name and email address) and message information. At the bottom of the page check the box that says Notify me when the files have been downloaded, if you want an email notification when the files have been downloaded.
  5. Click on the Select files to send (Regular Upload) button.
  6. Use the Choose File button to locate the file you want to send.  Select the file and click Open. Repeat this process for each file that you want to send.  Click on the Upload and Send button.
  7. Your transfer is complete.