Bank Secrecy Act Consulting

BSA Independent Testing

RBG Consulting Services Group provides independent testing of your compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act, USA PATRIOT Act, OFAC, and other regulatory requirements. Through this testing, we review your operations for potential weaknesses that could leave you open to expensive regulatory enforcement actions for allowing the possibility of covert money laundering schemes. We also help you stay informed on current laws and regulations that may affect your business operations.

We provide you with an examination-ready report that states the areas reviewed, our findings, and our recommendations. We also include best practices suggestions.

BSA Programs and Policies Review

RBG Consulting Services Group can review your organization’s BSA policies and procedures for compliance, regulatory updates, and issues that may present problems, giving you time to make necessary changes before your regulatory examination. Our report includes best practice suggestions and potential examiners’ comments to help you better prepare for your exam. 

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