Business Continuity Planning Services

Business Continuity Plan Development

RBG Consulting Services Group can help you develop a plan for continuing business operations in the event of a disaster. A business continuity plan provides a way to continue your business operations if a major catastrophe should occur. The business may not be able to quickly or completely recover; however, it must be able to continue.

Business Continuity Tabletop Testing

RBG Consulting Services Group can facilitate the testing of your disaster recovery and business continuity plans by walking through several different disaster scenarios with you to determine preparedness and areas of weakness. We also help you develop action plans for each disaster tested.

Business Impact Analysis

RBG Consulting Services Group can provide guidance for your review of key business functions, products and services to determine the maximum allowable downtime and acceptable level of losses should a major disaster occur. Our analysis includes determining the most critical areas and a plan for fixing problems, including a time guideline to get the most crucial functions up and running first.

Business Continuity Risk Assessment

RBG Consulting Services Group helps you analyze the likelihood of specific disasters occurring to your business, and the magnitude of impact should that event occur. We provide a template with multiple disaster scenarios to determine the disasters that are most likely to occur and the ones with the greatest risk to your organization. Disasters events include tornados, earthquakes, ice storms, pandemic, building fires, and various human caused disasters.

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