IT Risk Management

IT Audits

RBG Consulting Services Group conducts traditional IT audits, which follow the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Handbook required by regulatory authorities. After performing the field work at your office, we provide a report that includes our review of compliance, areas of potential weakness, recommendations for improvements, and best industry practices.

Network Vulnerability Assessments

RBG Consulting Services Group can assist you with network vulnerability assessment, an on-site review of your network security with a focus on meeting regulatory requirements. Our assessment includes penetration testing, in which we search for vulnerable areas in the network (such as open ports or openings in programs) that may leave your business susceptible to outside electronic attacks. Our report contains the areas and systems we specifically reviewed, our findings, including areas of weakness, and our recommendations for correcting potential problems.

Information Security Programs & Policies

RBG Consulting Services Group can help you develop information security programs for your organization. Security of confidential information - whether related to your organization or your clients - is absolutely vital. We have the expertise to assist you in the development of security programs, and we are experienced in this area.

Regulatory Examination Support

RBG Consulting Services Group can help you plan and coordinate regulatory examinations. We are by your side to guide you through pre-examination planning, and we can support you in the exit conference. Finally, we assist you with your management's response to the examiner's report.

Risk Assessments

RBG Consulting Services Group can facilitate risk assessments to help you identify and mitigate potential problems. Areas of our expertise include:
  • Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) Information Security Risk Assessment
  • Multifactor Authentication Risk Assessment
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Remote Deposit Risk Assessment
  • Vendor Management Risk Assessment
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