Network Consulting

Server Virtualization

RBG Consulting Services Group is a consultant for VMware, server virtualization software. Server virtualization software allows businesses to consolidate multiple servers onto one server by partitioning the server. Programs running on a VM Software server “think” they are the only software running on the server, getting around the requirement for a separate server.

VMware can also help you manage critical data by migrating it to a SAN with real-time, off-site backups. It also allows you to backup an entire server in as little as 10 minutes. This software can save hardware costs, help operations run more efficiently, and improve disaster recovery.

Network Schematics

RBG Consulting Services Group can help you diagram your technology infrastructure to give you a picture of your complete networking environment. We provide the schematic in an industry-standard format, so you can quickly and easily see the entire network.

Network Assessments

RBG Consulting Services Group can assist you in optimizing network efficiency, making the most of your resources. We can also help you determine whether your network is running at full potential, and we give you recommendations for improvements.

Network Design & Implementation

RBG Consulting Services Group has the expertise and experience to help you design your network architecture, laying a strong foundation for the information infrastructure. We provide both the design and a plan for implementation.

Wireless Networks

RBG Consulting Services Group can help you become more productive and mobile using wireless solutions. We can assist your business with point-to-point or broadcast wireless solutions.

Remote Access Solutions

RBG Consulting Services Group can help you select and set up the right remote access solution for your business requirements. We can assist your business in setting up secured and cost-effective solutions to improve remote access capabilities for your organization.

Technology Asset Management

RBG Consulting Services Group can help you develop concise reports with details of all your software and hardware configurations. This handy report helps you better manage the technology infrastructure by giving you an overview at your fingertips.

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