Network Consulting

Network Design and Implementation

A properly designed network lays the foundation for the technology infrastructure and ensures the delivery of information to employees and customers. We serve as your network "architects" providing the overall network design and giving you a "blueprint" for implementation.

Network Assessments

Bring focus to your network utilization and make the most of your network resources as we help you determine if your network is operating at its full potential.

Network Schematics

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to your technology infrastructure. We can help you illustrate your complete network environment and provide the network diagram in an industry-standard format.

Network Support

We provide a wide range of network support services including on-call network support and help desk assistance.

Server Virtualization

Change your networking paradigm, reduce hardware costs, improve disaster recovery, and increase technology utilization using the hottest technology today, server virtualization. Consolidate 10-20 servers into one virtualized server while implementing high availability.

Remote Access Solutions

We can help you select the right remote access solution for your specific requirements. Our consultants are able to help you stay connected in the most secure, cost-effective, convenient manner using the best methods available. Connect to your network securely from home or from the road, improve your remote access capabilities, increase productivity and extend your reach in a cost-effective and secure manner.

Wireless Networks

Point-to-point or broadcast, we can help you become more productive and more mobile using wireless solutions.

Technology Asset Management

Get concise, yet detailed reports of all your software and hardware configurations. A great tool for getting a handle on your ever-growing technology infrastructure.