For Non-Profit Entities

RBG's approach to working with non-profit organizations is different than that used by most accounting firms. Our industry team approach not only provides value but causes minimal disruption.

We will be staffed with personnel who are familiar with the current opportunities, issues and possible concerns facing non-profits. Our team participates in training seminars, such as the AICPA Not-for-Profit Industry Conference and annual training programs relating to audits of student financial aid. We also audit non-profits falling under Governmental Auditing Standards. As a result, we are able to conduct our professional services with minimal disruption of the non-profit's staff. In addition, once we assign staff to the engagement, they will remain the assigned staff for the following years. The non-profit will not be faced with annually training new staff.

The primary purpose of our professional services is to assure the integrity and quality of information for business making decisions, while providing tax expertise to ensure proper compliance. We audit financial statements, prepare tax returns on a timely basis, and provide management with a governance and recommendation letter. Our reputation in the business and financial community is outstanding.

Timeliness of the professional services is always a client "hot button". The non-profit will experience a completely different level of client services from RBG. We will respond quickly and consistently to all service deadlines, as well as to any question or problem that may arise.